Life ain’t fair

John Christian Hopkins

Life sure can be a long, strange trip.

I’ve been somewhat paying attention to this whole Jodi Arias thing and I still can’t figure out what’s taking so long. She obviously killed Travis Alexander, so that whole three-month trial seemed like overkill. That was supposed to be a pun, sorry if it isn’t funny but I thought I’d take a stab at it.

The hang-up now seems to be whether or not she killed him out of self defense, but, again, how does that make any sense? You can only claim self defense if you are defending your life. But it seems to me that someone ceases to be a threat long before you deliver the 27th knife wound in the back or the second gunshot in the face.

Anyway, Jodi should get the death penalty just because she’s causing me to listen to that harpy-tongued Nancy Grace every night.

But, hey, I’m no good at predicting the outcome of trials. I was sure O. J. was toast.

So go figure.

But one thing I know for certain is that real life is often stranger than anything a fiction writer can conjure up.

Take, for example, this poor sap from Busan, South Korea. He decides to end it all and takes a leap from an 11th floor window. This course of action seldom ends well, and this was no exception.

Mr. Jumper not only committed suicide but managed to become a murderer in the process when he landed on top of a five-year-old girl.

You know you’re a loser when you can’t even kill yourself without hurting an innocent person in the process.

So how, you may wonder, can God let such things happen to innocent people? Because he works in mysterious ways.

Just ask Elayna Nigrelli of Missouri City, Texas. Well, maybe you have to wait until she’s old enough to talk.

Elayna is still a baby, though her odds of becoming a child didn’t appear too good at the start. Her mom, Erica, “died” before delivering the baby.

Though her heart stopped beating, doctors managed a post-mortem delivery and helped usher tiny Elayna into the world.

Then doctors placed the new mom in a medically induced coma while managing to get her back on-line, too. It took three weeks but the mom finally got to hold her baby. Both are alive and well.

But maybe the biggest example of God’s mysterious power occurred in Youngstown, Ohio when six-month-old Kaiba Gionfriddo began choking and turning blue at a restaurant. His life ended up being saved by using a part created by a 3-D printer! Amazing, huh?

Probably the real miracle was that the baby was admitted to the local hospital in only 30 minutes!

How a six-month old filled out all that paperwork before the hospital would admit him is a miracle unto itself. Don’t believe me, then you go to hospital and see if you get to see a doctor in under a half-hour.

When my wife complained of chest pains earlier this year and I took her to the ER we were there for seven-and-a-half hours!

But, to be fair, it was a Sunday so maybe God was taking the Sabbath off.


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